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  • Announcing General Availability of the V2 Redirector Edge Network

    We are thrilled to announce the general availability of version 2 of the EasyRedir redirector edge network. We've been working behind the scenes for over six months to bring this to fruition and are excited to share what this means for you and how you can take advantage of it!

    The EasyRedir redirector edge network consists of various devices that sit at the "edge" (i.e. the outermost layer) of our URL redirector infrastructure. Our new version has 96 points of presence (POP) around the world and uses a technology called Anycast. With Anycast, requests are automatically routed to the closest POP, which then routes the request inside of our private network to our closest data center to finish processing the request. The benefit to your visitors is that this type of processing dramatically lowers the latency that users can experience worldwide and gets them to where they are going faster. Anycast enables us to add or move the data centers we use to process requests without requiring our users to modify their DNS settings. V2 also provides us additional tools to combat DDoS attacks, which further improve reliability going forward. In the future, as additional POPs will be added, your visitors will experience even better performance globally.

    To take advantage of the improved global performance our V2 edge network, you will need to make a one-time change to your DNS settings for each hostname you want to use it. Your EasyRedir dashboard will now highlight any opportunities to improve your DNS configuration, including using our new V2 edge network. We've also built a dedicated, detailed DNS setup information page that gives you personalized settings and more background on best practices around DNS configuration.

    We will continue to support V1 of our redirector edge network going forward - including maintaining its current set of IP addresses and CNAMEs. Having said that, we consider V1 to be deprecated and future improvements to EasyRedir may only be deployed to our V2 infrastructure. This significant new feature further highlights EasyRedir's commitment to our global customer base and maintaining our status as the world leading enterprise-class URL redirection service.

    If you have any questions about how to start using our new V2 edge network, or the benefits to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be happy to help!