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  • Announcing General Availability of Detailed Analytics

    We couldn't be more happy to announce the general availability of our new detailed analytics features! With detailed analytics, you can gain further insight into how EasyRedir is processing traffic on your behalf. We've created eight new pages containing detailed charts and data tables that enable you to see exactly how much traffic has been processed across a variety of dimensions. We've also written an entire section of help pages about how to use this feature and how to understand that data we're presenting.

    Our goal for detailed analytics is for you to confirm that EasyRedir is processing your URL redirects in the way that you expect, to reveal more information about the location and technology of your audience, and learn how they're finding your content.

    We're also very excited to share two other features that are related to analytics in an upcoming release. Stay tuned - we're just polishing them up at the moment and expect to have further announcements soon!