Where should I post? 💬

Briefly learn about each space in the EasyRedir community and where you can post.

Community guidelines: Learn best practices for participating in the EasyRedir community. Feel free to react and comment on our posts, but you won’t be able to post yourself.

(Coming soon) Product updates: This space will provide updates on new and improved features within EasyRedir. Only EasyRedir team members can create new posts, but we would love to have your feedback through commenting and reactions.

Upcoming events: Check in for events you’ll be seeing at us. Whether it means we will be featured in the event or showing our faces as guests. We hope to be able to share and discuss our experiences with you after. 

Web migrations: Come to this space to find a solution for your web migration, or post about what has worked for you to optimize your visitors experience and preserve your link equity.

Brand protection: Brand protection can take the form of redirecting alternative misspellings and TLDs of your organization’s website, simplified URLs, embedded links or simply building and retaining brand equity by using branded links. Learn and share your experiences with brand protection in this space.

Embedded links: Learn and share how you have used EasyRedir to redirect dedicated links inside of embedded or hard-to-change places (think a QR code that is on thousands of pieces of printed material).

Simplified URLs: Learn and share how you have used EasyRedir to get your traffic where they need to go while using easy to remember or shortened URLs.

Getting started: If you’ve started your free trial (or you’re not quite there yet), this space will provide guidance. Ask for help or let us know what has worked for you during your setup!

Technical help: Calling all developers and tech savvy folks. This space was made for you. Direct any of your API or more technical questions here.

Feature discussion: Want to discuss a new feature you’re looking for or give feedback on a feature we already have? This would be the place.